Artificial Uncovered

Artificial Uncovered

Al: Innovation or Destruction? In this sci-fi podcast based on the groundbreaking interactive series Artificial, our hosts delve into the world of Sophie, an artificial intelligence being on a journey to become human, in attempts to illuminate the dangers and benefits of AI while looking at how to ethically treat and develop our new sentient friends. We invite you to join the conversation and weigh in on the ultimate question: Will Al prove to be good for the world... or will it lead to our annihilation?

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    The Future of AI

    Should AI always serve the greater good of humanity? Or should we allow them to have autonomy?

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    The Singularity

    Should we be afraid of the singularity? Will it even happen in our lifetime?

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    Should AI Take Our Jobs?

    How many of our jobs will be completely automated within our lifetime? Can artificial intelligence take over creative and emotional work? And more importantly… should we let them?

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    The Audience Omnibus

    Can AI aid in early childhood education? Will they ever be able to appreciate music and art?

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    The First AI

    What happens when AI start to fight back? Do we allow them to continue to grow, or is there a point at which we must draw the line?

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    The Boy Next Door

    Who can teach an AI to become human? What kind of person can help with that impossible-sounding journey?

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    The Butterfly Effect

    Can one simple question change everything? And just how much influence should the outside world have on a developing AI?

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    The Man Behind the Machine

    Who defines the limits of Artificial Intelligence? Is it important to understand the creator of an AI in order to evaluate the AI itself?

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